Home Energy Integration System Co.

Battery | Generator | Solar

HEIS Energy allows home owners to understand and direct their energy usage for maximum cost effectiveness for the first time.

Knowledge is Power

Are you interested in…

  • Having an electric vehicle and wish to travel for less?
  • Taking advantage of “off-peak” energy discounts?
  • The benefit of your solar panels even when the grid is down?
  • Lessening your dependence on the electric grid?
  • Assisting with the renewable effort?

As a residential Home Energy Integrator, you are guaranteed to have the same company design, inspect, assemble, and install your complete energy system. That is why we are the preferred full system, full-service Home Energy Integration System Co. Assembled in Front Royal, VA.

With the HEIS Power Box, the homeowner has access to all this knowledge and control at their fingertips.